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Devon featured in two Sherlock Holmes stories.

The first is probably the most celebrated of all the stories: The Hound of The Baskervilles which was serialised as nine monthly episodes within the British edition of The Strand Magazine between August 1901 and April 1902. Two dates have been given for when the story took place- 1889 and 1900. The second story is Silver Blaze which appeared in The Strand Magazine in 1892 and has been set in Autumn 1887 or Autumn 1888. Sir Arthur knew Devon very well, visiting the county ten times and ultimately spending four months there in total. Between Friday 31 May and Sunday 2nd June 1901 Sir Arthur visited Dartmoor with his friend Fletcher Robinson in order to undertake location research on “The Hound” staying at The Duchy Hotel at Princetown and later at Fletcher Robinson’s home at Ipplepen.
Dr Watson’s descriptions of locations, the geographic features, towns and houses are not accurate. There is plenty of scope for speculation. This is particularly the case with Baskerville Hall – which is probably an amalgam of a number of properties- including Cromer Hall in Norfolk- which is obviously not in Devon!

The Society has visited Devon on a number of occasions including 2002 and 2014. Further details of the sites can be found in “Radical Rethinks on Hound and Horse” obtainable here and “The Hound of the Baskervilles- Hunting the Dartmoor Legend by Philip Weller Devon Books 2001