All The Adventure of The Lion’s Mane

The Adventure of The Lion’s Mane

The Adventure of The Lion’s Mane is dated by Holmes to July 1907 and is one of 12 Sherlock Holmes short stories in The Case-book of Sherlock Holmes. It was first published in The Strand Magazine in 1926.  The story is unusual as it does not feature Watson and Holmes is the narrator. Holmes has now retired from being a consulting detective and has left London. He resides in a ‘villa’ on the South Downs, near Fulford and occupies himself by working on his study of bees and swimming in the sea usually accompanied by various of the teaching staff of The Gables, a coaching establishment for people who want to enter the professions. One day one of the masters collapses and dies on the shingle uttering the words ‘the lion’s mane’ before he dies, His body bears marks similar to those inflicted by a whip. Later his dog dies in the same place and another master nearly dies bearing the same body marks. Added into the mix is a beautiful girl who both masters loved and her disapproving father and brother.