All The Adventure of the Illustrious Client

The Adventure of the Illustrious Client

Watson ascribes this to September 1902. The story was published in The Strand Magazine in February and March 1925 and is one of the twelve stories contained in the compilation ‘The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes’. Like the story of the ‘Veiled Lodger’ there is no mystery to solve but Holmes is asked to use his skills to prevent an unfortunate event occurring. Whilst visiting a Turkish bath Holmes tells Watson he is expecting a visit later that day at Baker Street from Colonel Sir James Damery. The Colonel asks Holmes to intervene to persuade Violet de Merville, the daughter of a famous general, from marrying Baron Adelbert Gruner a known murderer of several people including his own wife. In doing this Damery is acting on behalf of a client that cannot be named. After taking the case, and meeting first Gruner and then Violet de Merville, Holmes is attacked on Regent Street outside the Café Royal by two men and taken first to Charing Cross Hospital and then back to Baker Street. On partially recovering, Holmes tells Watson to study Chinese pottery as Damery has obtained a fine example and, knowing Gruber is a collector, Holmes wants Watson to visit Gruber at his home. Watson borrows a book from the London Library. During Watson’s visit to Gruber events occur which lead to Violet de Merville breaking off her engagement. Although the client is never named by Watson, enough inferences are given to believe it is King Edward VII.